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The reserve’s 250ha of Southern Afrotemperate forest is the largest remaining example in the Langeberg. The reserve’s highest peak, Grootberg, is 1637 metres above sea level. Most of the thirty-five typical Southern Afrotemperate forest are present, including stinkwood, yellowwood, red alder and the dominant ironwood.

Visitors to this beautiful reserve will relish the opportunity to get out into the forest on day walks and mountain biking trails. This is an excellent birding destination with more than 196 bird species regularly spotted. Hikers are likely to bump into bushbuck and spot baboons and smaller mammals when out on the trails. Sighting the Forest emperor butterfly and a subspecies of the rare Ghost frog would be the highlight of a visit here, as they can only be found in this particular forest.

Grootvadersbosch Nature Reserve has a magical, fairy tale quality, leaving visitors with the lasting impression that they have stepped into another world. Hikers walk in the dappled light of the precious indigenous forest, and swim in the cool tea-coloured river water while shaded by ancient trees.

Grootvadersbosch is one of the less well-known reserves in the Western Cape. For those who love its air of self-contained mystery, this is how it should be. Day walks, mountain biking trails, and the Boosmansbos Wilderness Area offer an array of challenges for those who want to immerse themselves in the Wilderness. A rare highlight would be a sighting the forest emperor butterfly or a subspecies of the elusive ghost frog, as they can only be found in this forest. Cape Nature offers a range of accommodation, from newly refurbished cabins to comfortable and well-equipped campsites.